О компании

You agree to discarded tires are disposed of properly and not littered with burnt on the edges or on the street?
You know that there is fuel efficient and financially profitable than coal, diesel and fuel oil?
You want Ukraine to become energy independent?
We bring it all!
Our projects to improve the environmental situation in Ukraine using modern means of processing permit from used tires, old tires and other rubber products, which are used as raw materials to produce alternative fuels and raw materials.
About our company, our projects « Points of reception tires", «Heating oil», «Carbon Black» and many other interesting and you can find out by clicking on the navigation of the site.

Мы переработали свою первую тысячу тонн отходов РТИ! Наш девиз - энергетическая независимость и экологическая безопасность!
Чрезвычайные происшествия на свалках продолжаются. Один самых прогрессивных городов Украины оказался в опасности! Что делать и что будет?

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